These are the locks, cylinders and locking systems, which are our options to equip Armored Door. All are supplements to the standard with security lock and 10-pin cylinder.

Following we explain each other:

1. Lock with automátic latch. Intercom device.

With this option we get a remote control door opening via an electronic intercom device, maintaining a minimum safety as the stop of the latch is the frame itself directly and not a door opener device with electromagnetic action. This lock provides maximum security guarantees and conventional difference is that the latch can be operated electronically, always maintaining its mechanical drive.

2. Double clutch cylinder

This cylinder option provides an interesting performance as to the utility involved to open the lock even though the inside of the house be another key inserted into the cylinder. It is quite usual circumstances and we want to offer this benefit to our customers. In this case, without double clutch cylinder, it could not operate the lock as it would be blocked, and could not enter the house.

3. Lock maximum safety class 7 according to EN 12209:2005. Drilling resistance

Our locks offer, from its most basic option, a maximum level of anti-drilling safety, to protect the internal mechanism of the lock itself against malicious attacks.

4. Double ward key lock

This option is also possible with our door, simply apply as described herein. It is a variant of the lock cylinder key European being the most common. Some areas are more accustomed to use one or the other so you must specify which is the one you prefer.

5. Lock with locking system in case of removal cylinder

It is a very interesting system we offer as optional, and in which a locking lock occurs when someone tries to remove or break the cylinder itself. This technique is quite common and unfortunately effective, so that if despite the protection of the cylinder, that we offer standard, having access to the cylinder, break or remove, this option ensures blocking lock preventing opening of the door.

6. Double cylinder lock for staff

Normally, this type of lock provides a very basic access control in which one of the
two cylinders is the main prevailing over the other, so, all operating mechanism
master cylinder, cancel any opening of secondary option. Colloquially known as lock service for staff.
7. Antibumping cylinder

We can incorporate a variety of european profile cylinders at our doors, from the serial 10-pin security till the most sophisticated exclusive patents cylinder with security. As an example we highlight the antibumping cylinders which guarantee the safety of opening bumping techniques and cylinders with basic access control as the service for staff or selective access.

8. Lock with panic function

If we equip our doors with panic lock we ensure that in the case where the door is in emergency exit, we can go out without using keys or complex systems of opening, so, with the simple operation of the handle will unlock the lock and the door opens

9. 2700 series motorized lock

There is a very interesting and attractive option we can offer, and that we always make sure that the lock is in place for maximum safety, ie with all the turns finalized or all bolts stuck in the frame. This lock is powered and automatic, also can be opened by transponder and keypad, both forms included in the option also of the wrench that always works against outage or electronic breakdown.
It is fully programmable and recommend that the programming is to operate the lock bolts fully once the door is closed. This lock has a GSM module to open the door with an SMS message, alarms, fingerprints, accessibility for disabled persons, etc ..

10. Selective access cylinder

This is patented by the manufacturer allowing selective access control simply with the use of keys and with a single cylinder system. We offer it as an alternative to our already cited as ‘double cylinder lock for staff’ because the function is the same option. The operation is as follows: The three blue keys are the owner and act as master keys. The three yellow keys are as service user key.
Reds inactive at yellows. greens active at yellows.
11. NEW >>> Motorized system for locks, managed by mobile device bluetooth – Wifi

It is an evolution of our 2700 series motorized lock developed in 9. This system is the newest and most current in terms of motor system and access control integrated in the shield of the handle itself, for a security door. It is definitely the most complete access control we have built on our door for two reasons, one because of its simplicity and second by the high level of performance. To manage the door must download a application in Android, iOS or Windows 10, at your mobile device via Bluetooth and match the lock, then enter the master keys and users. You can be opened by pressing directly on the screen or close, to deny access to a specific user, delete all user, discrimination and daily time zone to specific users, see records of inputs and outputs, etc .. all from your mobile . Besides you can incorporate a wireless lock module to control remotely from anywhere in the world simply amazing.

12. Lock with gears

This lock is a lock whose internal gear mechanisms avoid the noise that produces when the lock is working by the key, but also has another even more important advantage is that with the gears is guaranteed a better functioning lock with less breakdowns.

13. Cylinder with rotating knob

The inner cylinder rotary knob opens the door from the inside without keys. This simple option can avoid the inconvenience of not being able to open the door when a key is inserted into the cylinder through the inside of the house. In this case we can not open the door unless to be dual clutch cylinder (option 2), the latter being a more expensive option. With the inner rotating knob we avoid carelessness and avoid oversights in a simple and economical manner.

14. Automatically operated mechanical lock

This lock guarantees that every time we close the door all bolts and latch are operated to provide maximum security for the door, but mechanical way without external electrical power or batteries. This model together with a handle access control by proximity cards is a good relatively inexpensive option of having a door with access control and maximum safety.

Other available accesories are overlapping electronic peepholes with the possibility of taking photographs and video recording, biometric fingerprints device perfectly integrated on a door, system with motorized locks, automatic opening device allowing to assist in the case of disabled user, always combined with a system of motorized door lock.