Armoured door concept

We have always thought the answer to this question … why?, And remains one of the main reasons that makes us continue to evolve as a company in order to offer a quality product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers, in their application, use and cost.

There are many questions that arose when he founded our company in 2003, not the time or because they do not trust in ourselves, else the single product approach had decided; manufacturing armored doors only. The explanation is simple … we knew it was the door to the future and could not miss in any home thereafter.

The road has not been easy. Like other companies that had to overcome major crises, moments that make rethink our business vision, our horizons, ultimately, if that original idea was successful or not.

Even today, probably because of the effects of the crisis, there are other alternatives as a doors, of course cheaper, but with very low performances, not only in number else the values ??of each.

Perhaps our professional deformation, do for where we go, our approach to vision focuses on the doors, all kinds, motley, old, with a very sharp, modern, contemporary, integrated with the decor of the facing, style space, housing, building …

A door is not just an object, it is something more because it generates and transmits sensations, emotions …. feeling of mystery and intrigue of knowing who is on the other hand, will be happening, sense of security to know that when you close a door and walk into your house limit your home, your family, your privacy … the outside, gossiping, of the insecure, of uncertainty. They also make us think, dream in the lives of their owners, glamor and luxury in some cases, sorrow and misery in others.

The doors are also part of language …. “they found the doors locked,” “you have the doors open,” “door to outside,” “take your door and go”, “he went with a monumental slam” , “and listened behind the door”, “to the doors of heaven,” and many more …

The armored door is the barrier between your privacy and the outside world …80% of home burglaried is through the Gateway. Why this fact does not make us reflect and consider that not all door options are valid for our home? Deeping on this reflection is what we call Door Culture.

Armored Door is the best door designed for this purpose. No other equal and therefore the door more technologically advanced with higher performance.

It is clear that it is difficult to see everything that means an armored door as we see it, but it is certainly one of our main missions.

There is a door culture that we must to inculcate …

We’ve all seen stunning, dazzling, houses that impact us and make us dream …. but …. the door doesn’t go according with the house, in its magnificence.

We are sure that this is achieved by transmitting knowledge and information, and for that we first fully define the differentiating product of the other options as a gateway.

The armored door is the most advanced technologically, in terms of production and performance …

The main differences between the other are:

1. The door frame is constructed of steel sheet with a thickness sufficient to resist leverage and ensure that the lock bolts are not retracted and the leaf can be opened, allowing access to housing. In a wooden `security ‘ door, wooden frame is much more vulnerable than the metal.

2. The metal sub-frame, used in this type of door, we simplifies installation, it protects against leverage and also helps to regulate the door at that facility where small deviations are presented regarding the consistency of the facing. By using the metal subframe total installation time of the door is greatly reduced compared to when not in use.

3. The closure systems used as the main lock, secondary, opening limiters are large, epecialmente designed to provide sufficient security in terms of test performance. Our lock has the highest rating in terms of your body drilling. Lock bolts are 18 mm Ø. The dead bolts, including hinges, complement security door.

4. The hinges are also large, and adjustable both in height and in inclination. This adjustment adds to the own sub-frame of metal, whereby the adjustment possibilities are quite remarkable.

5. The door leaf consists of a panel that is formed from a metal structure galvanized steel reinforcements with omegas, two decorative panels, back side and front, and profiles made of sheet metal steel joining structure with decorative panels forming the panel. The structure in the heart of the base door and security door. It forms a resistant barrier Burglar clearly differentiates this from other door.

6. The decorative panels are interchangeable even after installing the door in the house, without changing the leaf. It is an important advantage and cost savings ahead of a possible change in housing decoration. As paneled door offers a very extensive decoration possibilities can incorporate decorative panels for outdoor use and for indoor use.

7. Incorporating automation elements is easier in an armored door on the others, as being the body of the sheet metal structure with reinforcements, we can put into to install home automation components such as readers, cables, sensors, etc …

8. A more powerful performance in an entry such as the resistance to fire, sound insulation, air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load. Generally it provides greater comfort at home.