ACORAVAL is a company with experience in the field of Steel Armoured doors.

From ACORAVAL high technology is applied in production by CNC numerical control machinery, robotic elements that accelerate the production line, assisted CAD CAM designs, incorporating a management system ERP, MRP II resource planning as required and implementation of Lean Manufacturing

The company ACORAVAL develops management procedures for continuous improvement with standardized quality standards, resource planning MRP II as required and applying the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

The key principles of Lean manufacturing are:

  • The overall customer acquires what is not a product or service but a solution.
  • Continuous improvement as a principle that “everything can be improved” in each of the steps in the production process itself, represents a consistent and gradual progress that benefits all, where the team’s efforts are invigorated to improve to a minimum maintaining cost profit margin and with a competitive price meeting delivery specifications in time and at the right hand as well as the quantity and quality without exceeding place.
  • The flow in the steps of the process should be as uniform therefore must be continued optimizing resources and eliminating what is not value added (space, capital and people): minimization of waste.
  • Troubleshooting and problem at its source by eliminating defects (looking for perfection) so as to meet customer needs for high quality.
  • Processes “pull”: Produce only what is necessary on the grounds that the products are requested or pulled by the end customer.
  • Develop a long-term relationship with suppliers from information sharing agreements and risk sharing costs.
  • When production volumes are lower, develop the ability to be flexible to produce different sundries nimbly wide range of products.


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