Their placement is unique to the front door because the metal frame on the inside overlaps.For doors placed in outside, we advise against using molding kit as it can be damaged mainly by moisture. In these cases it may be replaced by completion of work or the placement of metal cover plates (see installation types).

The qualities and designs are related to veneer sheet panel chosen, and the measures are based on the thickness of the wall, therefore, what varies is the part we call rebate whose width shall be based on the thickness wall. It is important to know that the contribution to wide partition of the metal part, which is the sub-frame, is 60 mm, so the rebate will cover the difference up to the full width of partition. The thickness of molding parts kit can be up to 18 mm.

The other piece we call lid molding, cover or whose dimensions are fixed in terms of width.

They are generally constructed of MDF natural wood veneer but on request can be solid natural wood.