With fixed, Armoured door can be installed in places where some light is required since in they can be installed in a safety glass up to 4 cm, so that safety is not impaired.

Our fixed are an extension of the Armored door that are built with the same profiles as the door, and thus are a part of the door.

The options may be in the side or fixed top and can use two fixed sizes. All these possibilities are shown in the images below to obtain a dispersion of measures in the whole door + fixed.

The profiles can be finished, like doors, lacquered ral finishes, textured and wood imitation. Check availability.

The rods to secure the safety glass also supply them with fixed, but no glazings.


Door with left fixed

Door with right fixed

Door with two fixes

Door with top fixed

Door wiht top fixed and left fixed

Door wiht top fixed and right fixed

Door wiht top fixed and two fixes

With the doors we have a certain measures as standard, but with fixed we can play more freely regarding the necessary measures to adjust at construction hole door + fixed either lateral or top, or a combination of both. Check in any case.