S +

The S + model increases the performance of the S model in acoustic insulation, up to 46 dB, and AEV tightness. 

This model has an anti-efraction security feature of grade 3 according to EN 1627.

An acoustic insulation of 46 dB according to EN ISO 10140-2.

An air permeability, according to EN 1026, of Class 1.

A watertightness, according to EN 1027, Class 2A.

A resistance to wind load, according to EN 12211, Class C

A thermal insulation, according to EN ISO 10077-1, of 1.5 W / m2k.

There is more detailed information of the model in its technical sheet.

The equipment consists of:

– Galvanized steel leaf.
– Frame and leaf galvanized metal profiles, lacquered or PVC laminated.
– Safety lock 3 points with bolts of 18 mm Ø.
– Anti-drilled protection Class 7 in the lock and Class 4 pz. cylinder protection.
– System protection anticard.
– Automatic windbreaker embedded in the lower part of the leaf.
– Two adjustable height and tilt hinges.
– Three dead bolts between hinges Ø 18 mm.
– The lever handle set consists knob, handle and peephole. Optional.
– Brass cylinder 10 pin 5 keys and 1 definate for end users.
– Opening limiter (retainer).
– The doors will be fitted with the hole for peephole and retainer otherwise indicated.
– Decorative panels for door inside or outside. Optional.

Performance S+
Burglar resistance EN 1627 / EN 85160 Grade 3
Acoustic isolation EN ISO 10140-2 (Rw) 46 dB
Fire resistance EN 1634-1 (EI2 minutes)  
Thermal performance EN ISO 10077-1 (Ud) 1.5 W / m2 k
Air permeability EN 1026 Class 1
Watertightness EN 1027 Class 2A
Resistance to wind load EN 12211 Class C

Product specs