Door handle set

Gold Matte

Bronze Anodized Matte

Silver Matte

The lever handle is the standard set of hardware that incorporates the armored door, consisting of the handle and inner plate, outer knob, inner knob retainer, panoramic peephole and cylinder protection.
Entire door handle is made of anodized aluminum in various colours, to avoid any corrosion problems. Its design is neutral because it is a standard item, but without losing the modern styles and aesthetics, although the door is prepared to put any other door handle that the customer desires.
The colours we offer are three: Bronze Anodized Matte, Silver Matte, Gold Matte.
The fastening systems of the door are plastic plates which are screwed to the panels and aluminum trims under pressure, in this way the screws are hidden, thus contributing to the current trend of design.

Cylinder shield protector and handle scheme

Door knob scheme

Opening limiter scheme